Address: 33 Guanfu Rd., Jiatai Industrial Park, Chiayi, Taiwan 61252
Tel: 886-5-2371333
FAX: 886-5-2379833
Est. Year: 1979
Capital: NT$ 10,000,000.
Sales Manager: ShuMei Huang
Trade Mark: CATAL
UV curing paints: coating and adhesion: plastic\glass\metal\wood and ceramic, UV curable paints: peelable glue\protective glue\PSA for glass\PET, UV curable OCR for touch panels\PET hardcoat, Thermal curable paints: peelable glue\protective glue\PSA for glass\PET, IC encapsulation materials: thermal curing epoxy\UV curing acrylate system, epoxy resin\vinyl ester resin, nano paints: heat-dissipation\waterborne architecture\fireproof paints, paint additives: adherents\anti-flow agents\thixotropic agents, driers\unsaturate polyester promotors/accelerators: Co\Mn\Zn\Ca\Cu\Ti etc.

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CATAL CHEMICAL was established in 1979 and has become a leading paint/adhesive/resin company in Taiwan. Our core value has aimed at improving the performance of the products, developing environmentally friendly materials and enhancing social benefits.

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