Address: 7F, No.7, Lane 49, Sec. 2, Chen Tai Road, Wu-Ku Village, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-22924411, 2-22928811
FAX: 886-2-22924400
Est. Year: 1986 Employees: 20
Capital: NT$ 10,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Shine Chen
General Manager: Star Lin
Sales Manager: Ronald Chen
Epoxy, Resins, Hardener, Catalyst, Accelerator, Advantex, Solvent, AlcoholEther, Ketone, Ester, Glycol Ether, Green Solvent, Surfactant, Amines, Hardener, Plasticizers, Oil, Cyclodextrin, BORNEOL, SYNTHETIC BORNEOLNATURAL BORNEOL, Menthol, , Q10, Cycoldextrin.
Company Profiles
Our company, Polystar Enterprise Co., Ltd., is the pioneer distributor of DOW, BASF and Huntsman in great china region, the company constitutes its success on its sales channel with customers.
Polystar established since 1986 and has been accredited with its service for the quality and environmental friendly products.

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