Address: 14E, 192 Chung Yang Road, Sec. 3, Sanchung, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-29830873
FAX: 886-2-29806236
Est. Year: 1980
Chief Executive Officer: Lien, Te-Chih
General Manager: Chao, Chi-Kuan
EPDM waterproofing materials, Fluoropolymer, silicone elastomer & rubber, heat reactive hot melt adhesives, vinylsiloxane polymer.
resin modifiers, nano silica dispersion in epoxy, acrylic monomer and solvent.
Company Profiles
Manufacturer of construction chemicals, waterproofing membranes and
industrial adhesives. Products include EPDM roofing, PU Hot Melt,
Silicone , Polymer cement mortar , Photoinitiator, Oligomer.

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