Pat No. 69485ˇE Effective date:1995.11-2013.12.31ˇETaiwan Pat. No. 69485
Multipurpose Widely-used Construction
Applications include levees, rock embankments, docks and piers

The functions of our products:
* Changing and recovering center
   of gravity
* Weight can be freely increased 
   or decreased
* Opposite force
* Force that disparses water
* Controls the direction of water
* Application of deposition
* Makes between sea and land
* Helps environmental protection

Most suitable for:
1. Regions subject to flooding
2. Seashores vulnerable to storms
3. Levees hit by strong waves
4. Mountain areas subject to 
5. Large-scale landslide zones
6. Controls the foundations of 
    newly built constructions
7. Retains hillside soil
8. Protects against soil erosion
9. Sink-proof design for sea filling
10. Natural protection for levee
11. Protects nstural fish-breeding 
12. Controls the direction of water 
13. Artificial rocks for fish-breeding      areas
14. Newest designs for bridge
15. Structure prevents migration 
      of rocks and soil